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- Manchester City (cyber) - Burnley (cyber) - FIFA 20. Cyber League
- Spain (FEARGGWP) - Germany (Flewless_phoenix) - FIFA. eSports Battle. Euro 2020
- Portugal (PASHOK75) - Belgium (kalibra) - FIFA. eSports Battle. Euro 2020
- Tottenham Hotspur (MeLToSiK) - Liverpool (KRaftVK) - FIFA. eSports Battle. Night Premier League
- Arsenal London (labotryas) - Manchester City (Upcake22) - FIFA. eSports Battle. Premier League
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Champions League
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Bóng đá Tây Ban Nha - Primera Liga
Bóng đá Ý - Serie A
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Bóng đá Pháp - Ligue 1
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